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Collaboration between Rolf Bruggink & Selma Hamstra

Bruggink works as an architect with a special interest in recycled materials. He approached me in 2015 with the idea to recycle glass, which is a challenging venture. Glass from different manufacturers have different expansion coefficients. But it made me curious enough to start an adventure to research what we could achieve. We created tests with dimensions of 20 x 30 cm. From there we started working with glass that was compatible. In a later stage I started heating and re-forming ‘orphan bottles’ in my pit. 


This collection consists of 3 different form results: flat tests, bowls, and vases and finally carafes.


Rolf Bruggink & Selma Hamstra


Glassblower: Selma Hamstra

Photography: Selma Hamstra
Tekst: Nancy Hoffmann


Amsterdam, The Netherlands




No Hot Work, Object Rotterdam 2016

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