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Concrete x glass

Collaboration between Jule Cats & Selma Hamstra

Even the steadiest objects in our surroundings can become ephemeral; that’s when we realize how intertwined they are with our memories. Like a house can be a ‘lieux de memoire’; a term coined by the French historian Pierre Nora. Jule Cats knows that feeling very well from the moment on she heard her home had to be demolished. She felt the need to capture the rubble of demolition. From there she created objects that show beauty as well as the emotional value of raw materials and seemingly meaningless shapes. In her work Jule generally looks for the tension between materials that often reflects how we all sense it encountering the material world. In her collaboration with Selma Hamstra this became a solidified clash between glass and concrete: the glass creates a new scenery on the spot where the two materials come together. 



The ‘GLASS x CONCRETE’ collection (year!) is a collaboration between Jule Cats and Selma Hamstra. Every object is carefully made by hand and has a unique shape.


Jule Cats & Selma Hamstra


Glassblower: Selma Hamstra

Photography: Jule Cats
Tekst: Nancy Hoffmann


Rotterdam, The Netherlands



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