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When Selma Hamstra, educated as a product designer, started working mainly on glass, she soon found herself on a mission. Discovering the craft and art of glass blowing showed her many aspects of the metier and every aspect attached to it. It brought up questions like: what is the value of craft within society? What is our definition of craft? From what point on do I stop being a product designer and start being a crafts person? Under the umbrella of GLASSSH – in which both the words glass and clash are contained and the initials of Studio Selma Hamstra – she presents different series of autonomous conversation pieces that bring up a broad range of new questions and some answers on topics that are in fact very much connected to subjects we deal with on a day-to-day basis. Ranging from the future of craft, cutting-edge art, master-apprenticeship, economics, and circularity. 

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