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About Selma

Selma Hamstra is a product designer who is researching the possibilities and limitations of craft and glass. After graduating from Willem de Kooning Academy for Applied Arts and the Amsterdam Rietveld Academy’s glass department she proceeded with a master-apprenticeship at the Nationaal Glasmuseum in Leerdam with master Gert Bullée. Selma’s own studio started when she decided to build a portable glass pit as a graduation project, which developed into the permanent workshop she manages at Keilewerf in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In her cutting-edge arts and crafts work she challenges the parameters of mastership and experiments with the boundaries of utility. Next to that she offers workshops for people to get acquainted with glass and craft with the underlying intention to reconnect people to ‘the hand as a thinker’ and to offer insight into the value of well-crafted goods. 

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