Driving Dutch Design



What’s in it for you?

The added value of design

Driving Dutch Design is a masterclass program of ABN AMRO, Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers (BNO) and Dutch Design Foundation (DDF). It helps talented designers to professionalise their company within the world of entrepreneurship. Recently graduated, operating independently for five years or resigned from a stable employment to start a business of their own. As drivers, we are constantly looking to move forward, with a discerning eye. We share an ambition to professionalise our businesses, and to place our companies firmly on the map.

‘Doesness’ was chosen as the byword for Driving Dutch Design 2018. As drivers, we will not only reveal our identity as designers, but also the possibilities our designs can open up. So: ‘What’s in it for you?’

Thanks to Driving Dutch Design, the partners, the masters, and sponsors, we present ourselves with a sense of pride – and, on behalf of the initiators ABN AMRO, BNO and DDF, we invite you to find out what design can do for you. So, come discover the value of design!

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